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Just got back from seeing Mamma Mia on broadway! It was so fantastic and not at all what I imagined! It was better! I am really happy that I had a chance to see it live! Next time, I am getting closer seats!
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On Sept 15, I got to see the North American tour of "Mamma Mia" in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. All I can say is "WOW!" It was awesome, much better than I thought it would be (and I thought it would be great). Lauren Mufson was spectacular as "Donna" and really stole the show.

I made the above icons after the show. Help yourself, just don't hotlink and credit would be swell!


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Hey Everyone! I just got back from Las Vegas and I saw Mamma Mia while I was there. It was amazing!!! I totally fell in love with the play and the cast! My favorite song Being S.O.S. Anyway I was just posting to let everyone know that I am joining and I hope to meet other Mamma Mia fans! Has anyone else seen the play in Vegas?
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Hey Kids,
Just joined the community. I love Mamma Mia, I've seen it three times on the great white way (nyc) and in May I will be seeing it in Toronto when I go to Canada on a school trip. I first saw Mamma Mia as a touring production and then three times in the city and I love it. My favourite song is "Under Attack". Hope to get to know the members

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I have one little statement to say. If you are going to join, then please post! I don't want to have to close down this community!! I made it so we can discuss our favorite musical! Thank you for reading this.

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Welcome to Mamma Mia Fans everyone!!! I thought I would make this community after I saw the play for my third time last weekend. It is totally awesome!!! I just love it. Well, post what you like, except only theatre related communities advertising. If someone could make an icon for me, that'd be great!! (To use for this community)
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